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Tell me about yourself, Jordany


I was born and raised in NY; living half of my life in the Bronx and the other half in Florida. Recently, I’ve moved back to my hometown, The Bronx, to pursue my passion for creating content such as music & poetry.
The inspiration behind my poetry, which is where it all started, is my grandfather. After his death in 2012, I went into a dark period in my life and the only thing that brought me back into light was creating; poetry being the main outlet. That’s when I started to take my craft a bit more serious. 


Atomic Bomb is absolutely one of my favorite pieces that I’ve ever written. Many of us have been through a heartbreak or heartache and this is my version of that story.






Atomic Bomb: objective vs subjective

By Jordany “OBSCURE” Sanchez


It's like my mind is full of explosives

Placed carelessly by the ones who once hurt me emotionally

Triggered by distinct words and phrases.

Which wire do I cut? I'm trying to diffuse it

Is it blue? or is it the red one?

Scenarios running through my mental

Now I'm the one placing the bombshells.

I ask myself "when did I become like this?"

The cold-hearted, emotionless, Casanova is now on the other side of the spectrum; well not now, I've always been on the same side

That answers why I avoided the emotions I eternally longed for.

The atomic bomb in my cerebral slowly killing me caused by the emptiness in my soul.

Hoping it doesn't detonate anytime soon.

I'm still looking for the schematics of the bomb's circuitry

I need to know, is it the red or the blue ?!

Maybe it's neither, maybe it's both. I don't know.

The one I have faith in might have the tools to fix the broken bridge between my mind and heart.

It's hard to even think with a mind like this, let alone trust.

Objective over subjective or subjective over objective?

I'm confusing myself

I'm dealing with these explosives

But my heart is elusive

Now you have your hands out

I'm here like...

Try not to lose it

Damn I feel foolish



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