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Tell me about yourself, Toneysha


I am from the Bronx. Right now I am working and going to college. I was only in the third grade when I began writing, but I really got the ball rolling when I got to high school. I began writing for the fun of it but as I got older I wanted to express myself in a more free way. I also wanted to write in a way that if someone were to read my poetry, they wouldn’t know if I was talking about myself or not. I ended up taking a long break from writing until last year when I wrote my poetry book, Wild Flower. I had to build up enough courage to put out my own poetry book because I wanted to reach out to those that couldn’t find the words to really express how they might be feeling or something they’re going through. I did everything myself; from the book cover down to the publishing date. Wild Flower can be found on Amazon.


What made me write these pieces was from pure experiences. From simply being on the train and looking at someone's smile fade away, to falling for someone, or just running into people that are simply not meant for me. I enjoy writing just as much as I enjoy dancing in my free time.




Three pieces from Wild Flower

by Toneysha Michaux


I watched everyone

I watched as they looked

Helpless, worn out, and bothered

I saw you, you looked just like them 

My eyes wandered off again

To the different cloths but each one

Giving me the same shade

Not even bothered to look my way

I felt it was normal that way

But then I saw you again

The smile on your face

I imagined you went back to a memory

A memory where you saw love

And felt it at the same time

A memory where you saw your first born

Open its eyes for the first time 

But then your smile faded

So fast in slow motion as if you were waiting

for the sudden pain to soak in

I then too felt sad

I felt your energy without a simple

Eye contact and I felt for you

A complete stranger

Your soul must be beautiful




Who taught you to run wild with broken hearts

embedded in your skin as animal print

Who told you love wasn’t a noun

Who taught you that it was okay to use sex for

your own guilt

taking away freedom that didn’t belong to you

Who taught you to build a home without a


Who told you to peel back the fabric

from your bare arms because the heart

on your sleeve was making

you weak

Who taught you these things

they can’t be human




We happened

And I can't fix this cracked wall between us

You like me but you refuse

To make me feel comfortable to believe so


Maybe because I didn't treat you

The way you’re use to

The way girls fumble all over you

Drop their tasteful morals

From between their legs

In a heartbeat if you asked them to

I believe this and still

I can’t never refuse your kiss

My heart tightens

It's like the hunger games

Swimming inside me

When I see you

Do anything you ask of me

I volunteer as tribute


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