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Tell us about yourself, Danysse.


Danysee, can talk you up, and honestly, you’ll want to listen. She majored in English at Stony Brook University. She finds muse in mundane, everyday events. For a long time she avoided writing, until she realized that she could find solace in such an art. As you read Pain Knows My Name you can’t help but relate to it. Its ambiguity is comforting. Through writing she had not only found her voice, but herself. Danysse also finds muse in the joyful moments we often take for granted. In her words “writing allows us to savour the euphoric moments that drag us out of those depressive stages”. There is kindness in her voice, and as one continues to listen  you can’t help but pick up on her timeless wisdom.

Danysse explores topics around childhood traumas, depression and forgiveness.  She eventually wants to publish her own book.

Pain Knows My Name

by Danysse Serrano


Pain knows my name
Greeted when I was two
Never understood how to process you

Pain revisited at Five
When I had to learn goodbye
My hopeful heart throbbed

She screamed my name over and over
until I turned 13
She whispered self-loathing
and sat on my shoulder.

Decided our time apart at 10 would end
forced herself on my childish body
mouth hot with sin
saliva that still burns in my skin

I begged her to let me win
begged God to push her off
Let my innocence thrive!
but she killed her from within.


Pain found me again at 19
Chemicals in my brain drew her in
thoughts so dark I lost my will
She took the wheel
drove me off a cliff

She looms over once again
Peers through my windows with fangs and eyes a hungry ruby red.
But my Inner child slowly draws the shades.
Tells her to wait in the cold
She can visit.
But this body will never be her home again.

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