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Marley’s Confessions


Christina Casillas, artistically known as Marley, is one of those introverts with extroverted tendencies. Such can be seen through her writing. Her rhythmic style, and often reminiscent rhymes, are deliberate yet inherently shy. Marley describes herself as a socially awkward being. For such reason, she became more inclined to writing the words that her mouth is unable to utter at times. Though her pieces are natively personal, she hopes to express the feelings and thoughts in hopes of creating a community of shared experiences amongst the readers. She referred to Marley as her artist alter ego, and Christina as the beholder of her lived experiences-- making Marley the medium and Christina the source.

When Marley is not found with pen in hand, she is often being captured through a lens as another means of expressing the inaudible.

Chapter 7

by Marley 


It's funny how you can be right next to someone
And there be so much distance
For instance, it all changed when I noticed you no longer listened
Tried breathing in and out
But the thought was too persistent

The low echoes, some loud visions
Much older now so I realized I
should've abort mission
Still next to him and I feel no different
Drifting off to what's all in my head

If you really knew, you'll know I feel better off dead.
Sorry, you're not the problem but you're part of the pain

The one that truly loved me was the one to blame
Close to 10 years wiped out, and drained
And somehow I'm suppose to be the same?
Left to be the devil who's far from sane
Disguised with some lies, blue eyes, and a sweet ole' name
And as bad as you think I am, I only had one aim
Lead you in the right direction
And on top of that, I gave you love and affection
Now that's what guys call perfection
But it's you, and you never snapped out of your adolescence
Thanks for the lesson
Don't trust anybody cause it's all just a test
And just when you think you got the answers...

It's all incorrect

Moved on but I still wonder if I'm holding on to the regrets
I got high values so I gave up on all of the stress
We both were from the streets yet somehow there was a lack of respect
We broke rule number one
So we give what we get
Wish back then I was wiser cause I would've stopped us before someone got upset
I'm already in the future though and remembering you makes my head a mess
Grab the rag and the gun from the bag
This is a game of Russian roulette

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