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“The Salsa Project”


   Born out of a passion to preserve the Salsa culture and highlight its rich history in our beloved Bronx and beyond. Brandon Espinosa aka “The Salsa Pops” has partnered with Bronx Native to make his vision a reality by utilizing various aspects of the creative world and working with influencers to let the world know that Salsa is not dead and has very deep roots in our community.  This is the story of a young Salsero who will do all he can to protect a genre of music that has always been the heartbeat of his life and has brought people together for centuries.


   On Sunday, October 14th, we will be launching a Salsa capsule collection to commemorate and celebrate Salsa in The Bronx and beyond. Our first collection will consist of three t-shirts and one hat that honors and pays tribute to Salsa's past and the pride that a young Bronxite, Brandon Espinosa, has in making sure it does not become a thing of the past. We also will be screening a short documentary of those close to the Salsa movement then and now, including Fania All-Star, Eddie Montalvo and songwriter, Miguel Amadeo. We hope you will support our effort to keep Salsa's rich history and culture alive. We look forward to introducing future collections that will include clothing, art, and media with the aforementioned goal leading the way. Que viva la Salsa!


Bronx Native: @thebronxnative

Brandon Espinosa aka "The Salsa Pops": @Bran_Espinosa

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